“Conversation Piece” (continued…)

Participants (interviewers and interviewees)

Vjera Borozan

From Greek Montenegrin origin, Vjera was born in Prague, but grew up in Montenegro. She has been living in Prague since the Yugoslav Wars in the 1990s and currently operates a cultural online television program in Prague.

Ibrahima Diop

Head of the Senegalese community in Prague, Ibrahima has been living in a small town 30km outside of Prague since the early 90s. He is currently working as a banker.

Ivo Janoušek

Ivo was born and grew up in Prague. He was educated as an engineer but currently works as a Czech-German translator and as a city guide. In 1969, he had to decide whether to stay in exile (in Britian) or return to Prague as an exchange student. Ivo is a practicing Christian.

Safiane Kerboua

Safiane’s father is Algerian, his mother is Czech. He works as an Arabian Czech translator. Safiane has been in Iraq with the Czech army. Following a personal crisis, he converted from Christianity to Islam.

Alena Kottová

Alena grew up in the Czech Republic. Her family had a difficult time under the Communist Regime in the Czech Republic. She currently works as a translator for English and is engaged in various altruistic initiatives.

Igor Kovačevič

Igor grew up in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He escaped the war, and emigrated at 17 (after finishing school) to Germany, and then to Prague. He currently works as an architect.

Pavlína Matiová

Was born in a small town north of Prague, in a Romany family. She was educated as a singer at the National Conservatory where she currently teaches. Pavlína is also involved in a theatre group.

Antonio Muana

Born in Zábřeh na Moravě, his mother is Czech (living now in Austria) and his father comes from Angola. Growing up, he traveled between Lisbon and Prague. He has no formal education. He is currently unemployed.

Manh Coung Nguyen

Was born in Vietnam and came to study in Prague in the early 1980s. He was involved in the Velvet Revolution and currently runs an NGO, with his fellow former students, for undermining the Communist Regime in Vietnam. He also works as an import-export tradesman.

Fatima Rahimi

Fatima fled the war in Afghanistan with her family when she was nine. Upon fleeing, Fatima and her family intended to travel to Western Europe but were stopped in Czech Republic and restricted from traveling further (due to EU-migration-law-intricacies). After finishing her studies, she currently works as a journalist, specializing in women’s rights.

Constellations/positions of each interviewer to interviewee (the first person is the interviewer)

Ibrahima Diop – Vjera Borozan

Vjera Borozan – Safiane Kerboua

Safiane Kernboua – Ivo Janoušek

Ivo Janoušek – Igor Kovačevič

Igor Kovačevič – Antonio Muana

Antonio Muana – Fatima Rahimi

Fatima Rahimi – Manh Coung Nguyen

Manh Coung Nguyen – Alena Kottová

Alena Kottová – Pavlína Matiová

Pavlína Matiová – Ibrahima Diop


Conversation Piece was created by Nadja Frank, Jens Heitjohann, Jomar Statkun and Rafael Vogel who met during a three month residency at the Meetfactory in Prague, Czech Republic.

For more information visit:

Nadja Frank and Jomar Statkun: www.thisreddoor.com

Rafael Vogel: www.soundcloud.com/leafarlegov

Jens Heitjohann: www.jensheitjohann.de


Conversation Piece was curated by Zuzana Jakalová and Christine Rahn.


Conversation Piece was co-produced by Nadja Frank, Jens Heitjohann, Jomar Statkun, Raphael Vogel, the Meetfactory (Prague) and the Goethe Institute (Prague).