“Dutch Courage”


http://www.neukoellner.net/kunst-kitsch/mut-antrinken/ Mut antrinken von NEUKOELLNER.NET am 27. JUNI 2014 Der Begriff “Dutch Courage” wird im Englischen für “sich Mut antrinken” verwendet. Das Trinken ist auch zentrales Thema der Ausstellung “Dutch Courage”. Doch die Besucher dürfen sich nicht wie bei gewöhnlichen Vernissagen frei bedienen, sondern müssen erst eines der Ausstellungsstücke erwerben, wenn sie ihren…

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Paper Bag Project Kunstverein Amrum

photo 3

  http://www.kunstverein-amrum.de/neu/index.php/aktuell/ KUNST VEREIN AMRUM Inception Man muss die Leute da abholen wo sie sind! Und wo sind die Leute im Sommer? Natürlich am Strand. Der Kunstverein Amrum startet in der Saison 2014 erstmals eine Ausstellung mit internationalen Künstlern am Strand von Nebel auf der Insel Amrum. Das Konzept bewegt…

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FINAL Box Cover

pln jb Cities = Galleries Fields/Farmland = Cultural Capital Roads = Collectors Cloisters = Museums Cathedrals = Art Fairs Inns = Graduate Schools Shields = Bags of money Wine/Barrel = Residency Grain/Wheat = Exhibition Catalogue Cloth/Ribbon = MacArthur Fellowship     Inns & Cathedrals = Graduate Schools & Art Fairs…

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This Red Door Community College









color wood test04









This Red Door” is a collaborative attempt by artists Jomar Statkun, Jared Friedman, and Christopher Stackhouse to expand terms and conditions that may define ‘studio practice’.  Our room behind the door is a discursive space where we integrate an address to the plastic arts through a salon styled rotation of objects, tandem lectures, informal talks, literary readings, film/video screenings, short plays, music, dinner parties, among other kinds of impromptu gatherings and aleatory occurrences.  It is our hope that an open ended interpretation of art and social functionality treated this way will inspire non-hierarchical secular discussion between artists and the general public about topics including arts education, politics, barter economies, social capital, personal taste and opinion, and friendship.  To develop a porous group conversation that is inviting to strangers and old familiars alike is the goal.  We plan to keep the door to our studio open (literally) as often as we can.  Whether we are working there, having an event, or just entertaining friends and acquaintances, we welcome visitors interested in experiencing the place upon which they are entering.








"Black Saint, Lady Sinner", resin and black pigment, 10" x 13", 2010

“I’ll be Your Mirror Too”, mixed media on wood, 11" x 16"”, 2009




Artist bio/CV


  Jomar Statkun was born in Freehold, New Jersey in 1972. His official/birth certificate name is Joseph Marino Statkun. It’s believed he was born in the same hospital as Bruce Springsteen. He grew up in a small town called Allentown (that’s Allentown, New Jersey, not Pennsylvania). He is a quarter…

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Field work_

"D.F.D.O. & Placement", wood, resin and pigment, 2010

“Rehearsal Transposed”, wood, resin and pigment, 2011 qwq qw oihoi jgug jkg vererv erverver erberber erberbdefct tofayd def ewfqew we f w

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N.A._ 44

defect today   Swearing-in ceremony, Notary Public.  County Clerk, Monmouth, NJ 2010 defect today defect today dedefct touad ct today November 13th & 14th, 2010 – Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY deect today defect today defefct today *www.defecttoday.org* defect today defefct p defect today Defect Today! Office & Notary Public, 2010…

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hay, been trying to meet you

Twain Hay Text

Twain Hay Text, Schrattenberg, Austria 2010 “I left these shores, at Vancouver, a red-hot imperialist. I wanted the American eagle to go screaming into the Pacific …Why not spread its wings over the Philippines, I asked myself? … I said to myself, here are a people who have suffered for three…

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“Defect Today!”, flags for first headquarters of David Fagen’s Defection Office/Vol.1.  Austria, 2010

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The Golden Cast, 2010, Silkscreen on newsprint, cast paintings in resin and gold pigment, silk-screened t-shirts and 2 suitcases.

The Golden Cast, Berlin, 2010 Link to exhibition text by Christopher Stackhouse: http://jomarstatkun.com/?page_id=700 Link to exhibition, IN FIFTEEN MINUTES EVERYBODY WILL BE FAMOUS: http://artnews.org/gallery.php?i=4528&exi=21587

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All works_ 459

David Fagen’s Defection Office (Molding Room infused with Light), 2009     ihoih   vwrvw wvwef

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Engineer for the lower back

vwewv wvwv evwe ‘Bottom of the Rock’ – Engineer’s Office uniforms, 2010 Link to Engineer’s Office Gallery Exhibition: http://engineersofficegallery.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/nadja-frank-jomar-statkun-may-28-2010/

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“Zong”, 2009 Link to Mike Cloud/Jomar Statkun: Entry 1 TBR Blog by Christopher Stackhouse: http://thebasinblog.wordpress.com/2010/06/14/124/ oihliuf iluliyf oihoih kjvhgkjvh jn jkj hoh   lknlknl

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